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2017. A late insight

January 15th, 2018.

Last year, 2017, was one of the most privileged, difficult, challenging years I ever had. I’m not really into drama, I’m pretty comfortable in my relaxed anti-problematic life. But this year definitely taught me some lessons, some of them in hard ways, and some of them in very nice ways I wasn’t expecting.

Ups and downs, every year feels like the worst year whenever something bad happens to us. I had been there before and I wasn’t going to allow put myself down for these things. I could say I was a fighter. And I’m starting to taste the adulthood. Very bittersweet. Realistic. Good. Bad. But that’s fine because that’s life from now on, right?

But on the brightest side, 2017 was full of experiences and I was blessed with amazing opportunities. From being in a magazine, having some bands appreciating your work, meeting loyal friends, family time to starting new projects on my own, founding my own website, getting more recognition of my work, etc. There are multiple times I was so grateful for being alive and fighting for my dream and future. 

I’m close to finishing college and I’m so thrilled about it! And, unlike last year, I have a good feeling about this year. 

These are my favorite moments and photographs from 2017. Month by month. 

BEHIND THE SHOOT. New series coming soon

behind the shoot: white lies, through the glass.

This is the first video of the now “ behind the shoot ” series. I wanted to do this because I’d like people to know how I work, how I have the creative idea and make it happen in real life. Although this was just an experiment, this is my goal from now on. 

This video is probably an introduction. I’d like to call it like that. “White Lies” and “Through the Glass” is our latest project and I thought about creating harmony with colors with both shoots. For White Lies, I didn’t care if the textures of the fabric weren’t the exact, the color was the important part and needed to be monochromatic. The name of the series is another story though. 

Every time I publish the gallery on my Behance I have to put it a name. I was still hanging with Enya, the model, and asked her for ideas. We started talking about other things and she confessed me that she was excited about wearing white clothing because she never wore that color before. I asked why and she explained to how some people believe that white clothing cannot be mixed with people of color because they don’t look good. It makes the person look darker, like if it was something bad. I believe the opposite, though. My only thoughts are how incredibly stupid this statement sounds because you don’t need to have an specific skin tone to wear some color. That’s definitely a lie. I could even say the skin looks prettier. It enhances one of most beautiful parts of your body. I can’t believe people. White people shouldn’t wear black clothing, then? Sounds pretty bad. 

Thank you for your support. The great song played in the video is performed by Glass Animals and the song’s name is Anges and I do not own the rights, music, and song. All rights to the owners and Glass Animals. Video projected are fragments of video “Sea Within a Sea” of The Horrors. Only used for creative purposes and I do not own the rights. The video was shot between Sarai Darcy and me. The model’s name is Enya. You can watch the whole gallery here 

— Sheila


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